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Tapestri's Neighborhood: Poverty Ridge

Tapestri's Neighborhood: Poverty Ridge

Have you ever wondered where Sacramento's neighborhoods got their colorful names? Here at Tapestri Square, we were curious. So we did a little investigating. We were particularly curious about the origins of the name "Poverty Ridge", the Midtown neighborhood where Tapestri Square is located, since the mansions that line the streets of the neighborhood seem out of sync with the name. Here's what we discovered:

Poverty Ridge got its name as a result of the frequent flooding that plagued Sacramento during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The neighborhood, stretching from 21st to 22nd streets and T to V streets, which contains some of the oldest and most beautiful homes in Midtown Sacramento, was named for the poverty-stricken flatlanders who were forced to flee to its elevated ground every flood season. Yes, before all those lovely mansions were constructed, the hillside would be littered with tent cities during the rains!

At the time, all the big houses were by the railroad – where citizens worked and lived. It was only until transportation developed that the more wealthy families were able to live farther from the railroads – and suddenly this safe haven was populated with stately mansions. Later, in an effort to reclaim the neighborhood's reputation, the developers who built the mansions that still stand on the hill today tried to re-christen the neighborhood "Sutter's Terrace". Of course, the name didn't stick, and the mansion-lined streets of Poverty Ridge continue to confuse Sacramento newcomers and visitors.

We here at Tapestri Square are continually impressed by the beauty of our little corner of Sacramento; the impressive architecture of the surrounding neighborhood makes for some of the most spectacular walking tours that Midtown Sacramento has to offer, and the history of this neighborhood makes for great conversations. Midtown has a rich history, and it's worth taking the time to get to know the background of the neighborhood (or you could just tune in here, because we'll be covering more areas in coming posts). If you haven't already, check out our Historic Homes and take a Walking Tour around our neighborhood - it is especially gorgeous around here during this particularly colorful autumn!

The autumn leaves of red and gold...

See that baby hill? That is the mark of Poverty Ridge!

Orange, red, yellow, and burgandy - our landscapers are plant artists!