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Why Tapestri Square



It’s difficult to know if you’re buying a well crafted home if you can’t see what’s inside the walls, above the ceiling and beneath the floor.  So here’s a peak at just a few of the things we do to build our homes so that they will endure (the complete list is way too long to put in this little screen).

  • Start with good design – we used the best design professionals that Sacramento has to offer.  Seasoned professionals in urban infill redevelopment – with a proven history of successfully working together.  Because quality begins at the design stage.
  • Add in good materials – you see many of our quality materials on the surface of the home, but rest assured that we apply the same level of quality to the materials you don’t see.  One good example: we use engineered lumber in our silent floor system as well as in other areas where it is appropriate.  These engineered lumber products are stronger, straighter, and longer-lasting than the conventional lumber pieces they replace – and they are better for the environment.
  • And, most importantly, execute good workmanship.  Building a home is a complex undertaking – and some homebuilders accept workmanship that is just “good enough”.  We are proud of the quality of our homes – as are the tradesman who help us build them.  In fact, our subcontractors are part of the team in helping make sure that all components come together in a manner that builds enduring value.



At Tapestri Square, we wanted to design homes that would mature gracefully and even become more desirable over time. Inspired by the lasting appeal of Sacramento's older neighborhoods, we used tasteful, traditional architecture to embrace our surrounding neighborhood without building a cookie-cutter recreation of what has been built before. Tapestri Square homes are not only engineered to last generations, but styled aesthetically to outlast fads. And remember that despite the fashioned appearance of being row homes, these Brownstones are actually detached homes!

  • Architecture is just one element of our meticulous approach to community design.  Everything – from the way we site the homes to the landscaping we plant – creates a neighborhood scene that grows more beautiful as years pass.
  • We use substantial exterior materials: brick, cultured stone, wood detailing and architectural grade ironwork.
  • We believe in a bold color palette.  Beige is nice, but there are lots of other nice colors.  Sacramento’s old neighborhoods are filled with color – and so is ours.



Some people look at energy efficiency as a monetary calculation – where energy efficiency equates to costs savings.  Others look at energy efficiency more holistically – where being environmentally conscious is part of being a good steward of the earth.  We believe in both of these concepts, but our higher calling is to create a comfortable home for you to live in.  See how our energy efficiency features work to reduce your energy consumption, save you some hard earned money, and increase your comfort.

  • We use high-performance Andersen wood windows as standard elements in all of our homes.  These high performance windows look great – but are also a central element in our energy efficiency effort.
  • Our multiple zone heating and air conditioning system lets you program the comfort that you want for each zone – the temperature you want and when you want it – for each floor in the home.
  • Our tankless hot water system is a great example of a technology that saves you money and makes your life more comfortable.  Combined with our hot water recirculating system, this design provides you with instant hot water in the master bath – letting you step into the shower immediately – without having to wait for hot water or having to let good water (and a precious resource) go to waste.
  • Our insulated garage doors may be the best example of an energy efficiency feature that exudes practical luxury.  Been out in the garage on hot day?  Sweltering may be a nice word to describe the effect.  How about a cold winter morning when it seems that ice is ready to form inside the garage?  Wouldn’t it make sense to spend a few dollars more and add an attractive and thermal efficient garage door to this everyday space?  We did – and the results are obvious.  Even on our hottest days, our garage spaces stay cool – adding to your comfort and lowering the heat load on the adjacent living spaces.



Not just energy efficient – we are also leading the way in creating healthier indoor environments.  Here are some of the things we do for the world … on both sides of your front door.

  • The same controlled mechanical ventilation system that gives you a nice even temperature throughout your home also gives you a proper flow of fresh air. (That's good feng shui!)
  • We use low VOC paints, varnishes and adhesives that greatly reduce the unhealthy airborne chemicals found inside the typical new home.
  • We embrace the use of sustainable building materials, such as engineered lumber and building products made from recycled materials.  And, we actively recycle our construction waste.
  • Our energy efficient designs prevent many tons of pollutants from entering the atmosphere.  And, our homes are solar ready; meaning that you are ready to harness the power of the sun.



We base our customer service on an age-old principle: it’s simple – we treat our customers the way we would like to be treated.  It’s easier said than done.  But our happy homeowners are some indication that our approach is working pretty well.

  • To us, customer service starts before you sign a contract and lasts beyond your warranty period.
  • If you contact us with a question or concern, we will respond in 24 hours or less … usually less.
  • If you have a problem with your new home, we will make it right in a timely manner.



Did we mention that we are located in the heart of Midtown, one of Sacramento’s most desirable neighborhoods?  You know our slice of Midtown: just steps from all that Midtown has to offer, and yet located out of the hustle and bustle of all that activity.  Midtown is meant to be walked – see how close we are to all that midtown has to offer:

  • Neighborhood parks – downtown is filled with parks, and many of them are within a few blocks of Tapestri Square.  Fremont Park is located at 16th and Q, just 7 blocks from Tapestri Square.  We also have Southside Park at 8th and T, Roosevelt Park at 10th and Q, Win Park at 27th and Q, and Capitol Park at 15th and N Streets.  And, if that isn’t enough, downtown has 6 more parks to offer – plus a river parkway to boot.
  • Light rail – looking to travel a bit further than your feet will take you?  Then consider light rail.  With one station at S and 23rd (just 5 blocks from Tapestri Square) and another at 17th and R Streets (just 6 blocks from Tapestri Square); we benefit from this great resource that is located just outside our doors.
  • Shopping for necessities, or maybe a luxury or two?  We have a drug store at 21st and S Streets, just one block from our neighborhood.  And, we benefit from Midtown’s largest grocery store at 19th and S Streets, just two blocks from our doors.  Willing to venture a bit further out?  Check out our shopping guide to all that is available within walking and biking distance of Tapestri Square.