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Sales Update!

Greetings readers! 

Just a quick update regarding sales and availability!

  • Our Highland (2200 sf) home SOLD OUT over this past summer of 2013.
  • We still have availability in our Madison (2700 sf) home - but opportunity is winding down quickly! As of February 2014, we only have 5 homesites available and 2 move-in ready homes left - and then that's all she wrote, dear friends!
  • Our model for our new Brookfield (1300 sf) home is almost completed - an estimated opening is April 20, 2014. We have already sold two units - that means only room for 5 more lucky homeowners!


We aren't psychics or fortune tellers, but based on past sales activity, we think we'll be sold out by the end of the year. Take this as one friend to another: If 2014 isn't the year you buy at Tapestri... you might never have the chance! 


You can always be kept up-to-date on pricing and availability by looking at our price sheet listed under the tab "Our Homes" (see link "Available Homes").


Thanks as always for your support!


Yours truly,

The Tapestri Team