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Our Neighborhood

Tapestri Square represents a true symphony of life, weaving together the comforts of home with generations of urban landscape and culture in one of Sacramento’s oldest and most desirable neighborhoods, a neighborhood like no other: Midtown. Neighboring homes are a blend of historical Victorian and Craftsman homes mixed with modern lofts and townhomes. Midtown offers a sense of history and culture not found in other Sacramento neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Plan

Tapestri Square benefits from all that Midtown has to offer - and yet it offers something back to the neighborhood. Our community was designed to integrate into and enhance the existing neighborhood. When we designed Tapestri Square, we spent hours walking the neighborhood, becoming familiar with its homes and points of interest. Our goal was to celebrate the special character of our neighborhood - and enhance it for the benefit of all. We considered who will live here and what they will want to see when they look out their windows. By letting the neighborhood dictate the design of our community, we allowed Tapestri Square to become an integral part of our slice of Midtown and all that it has to offer.

As importantly, our community plan for Tapestri Square considered how you will live here. Not just inside your home, but outside as well. Before people had video games and 250 channels of television, they used to entertain themselves by getting out and making each other’s acquaintances. They even created special places just for the purpose of coming together - these places were called commons. We have our own commons area - Vizcaya Walk - right in the middle of our community. Defined hardscape areas accented by luscious landscaping will make this outdoor setting the centerpiece of our community.

Midtown Sacramento

What is it that makes Midtown so special? Is it the wide tree-lined streets that invite you to walk or bike and explore? Is it the friendly neighborhoods full of homes with interesting architecture and their equally interesting occupants? Maybe it’s the variety and culture of Midtown, with every flavor of restaurant, coffee shop, boutique, art gallery, museum and theater begging for your attention. See all that Midtown has to offer and tell us what you're discovering on our blog - we're still exploring, too!