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Tapestri Square Midtown Homes

Tapestri Square... each of our 58 single-family brownstone-style homes offers an elegant combination of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary comfort, with all the stunning amenities and state-of-the-art technologies that you look for in your new home. View the Tapestri Square community plan.


Walk through our friendly neighborhood, where trees offer shade and neighbors welcome you with a friendly smile; where historical Victorian and Craftsman homes are mixed with modern lofts and townhomes. Midtown offers a sense of history and culture not found in other communities in Sacramento. Experience it first-hand with our historical walking tour. Join our community - make your home here.

Enjoy all of the variety and culture of Midtown, which offers every flavor of restaurant, coffee shop, boutique, art gallery, museum and theater - all within walking or biking distance of Tapestri Square. You’ll love Midtown living, which we provide without sacrificing space, luxury, and comfort.  Check out our guide to Midtown living and experience everything that awaits you just outside your door.

When we designed Tapestri Square, we focused on creating a community where people feel connected to each other and to the entire Midtown neighborhood.  Our goal was to have a community where neighbors know each other – and watch out for each other 
 and we start by setting an example by doing our best to make happy home owners.  We feel that a connected community makes for a stronger community.  And a stronger community adds value to each individual home. So why not take a stroll down our Vizcaya Walk and get to know your neighbors gathering at the commons, or explore the nuances of Midtown together? You may end up having more than just Tapestri Square in common – your neighbor may just turn out to be a friend for life.